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Quarterly Report Form (#### Not yet in use ###)

Marshals may use this form to submit Quarterly Reports to the Deputy Earl Marshal for Thrown Weapons . Reports will still be accepted via postal mail, and direct email, but use of this form is reccomended.

Please ensure that you fill out all relevent fields.

Marshal's Name:
Marshal's Group:
Marshal's Email:

Reporting Quarter:
1st (December - February) (Due March 10th)
2nd (March - May) (Due June 10th)
3rd (June - August) (Due September 10th)
4th (September - November) (Due December 10th)

Practices (Frequency, average attendance, growth, etc)

Sites (Information about archery sites, practice or event, new local laws, etc)

Local group info (Supply purchases, group issues with archery, political issues, etc)

Any other problems: